No Rooting in the Press Box

No rooting in the Press Box.  I learned that rule in Journalism 101.  Luckily as I sit behind the Press Box at my first ever NLCS baseball game in my home town, Philadelphia, the Phillies make it very easy to keep that rule.  This game was never in doubt.  As I sit in my new surroundings the score is 8-0 in the 7th inning.  Cliff Lee is pitching the gem we knew he would and I am getting a nice and calm taste of how the people that have covered my team for me since I was an infant do their thing.  Or at least how they do it at Citizens Bank Park.  The guys I read growing up are here, some national guys, and even some international guys speaking Japanese.  (I am very used to local and national celebs, so that doesn’t even phase me at this point, but to think that I am at an event that garners international attention?  Well that’s just cool.)  A guy from just sat next to me and I am literally unfazed, yet I am still enough of a baseball geek that I am secretly trying to take Peter Gammons’ photo via my cell. Which is REALLY hilarious because, earlier, I was just a stone’s throw from the field, able to take pics of whatever giant player of the game, (Manny Ramirez, Ryan Howard, etc.) I want.  But to me?  I get more of a kick out of the Gammons’s than the Ramirez’s.

Since my station covers the Phillies, I have had some very sweet access to the Phillies all year.  For a minute there, it looked like we’d be shut out of said access for the playoffs.  I suppose when an event does garner that international attention, little stations like ours sometimes do get shut out to make room.  As of Friday at close of business, this was the case.  Then I got a call.   And although I would have LOVED to have gotten this notification in time for Saturday’s work-outs to help get the lay of the land here at the Press Level of CBP– I was called at 6:45 p.m. Sunday for an 8:07 start.  So I will learn the NLCS ropes as I go…  (PS.  That picture to the right is NOT an actual photo I took with my cell, even though, as the picture would indicate, Gammons does indeed rock!)

Mostly what I have done with my Phillies access this year is take phillies photographs for  But for the NLDS I will also be blogging about the experience.  I am a member of the NEW MEDIA, and we do it all.  We write, we photograph, we blog, we shoot video, we twitter, we Facebook, all in the name of getting people on our sites.  Again, since I got the call late, I am still figuring a lot of this stadium out, but I feel right at home.   Especially among the writers. Writing was my first passion, it landed me my job, in part, at WPHL, and I don’t do it nearly enough.  Those that know me well would think I’d feel just as at home with the photogs… but truth be told, at an event of this magnitude?  It’s about more then simply a good eye and technique.  At an event this big?  The pros bring in the REALLY heavy artillery in terms of photo equipment.  (While I buy my lenses at B and H?  They are using lenses/optics that looked like they are on loan from NASA!  So, it’s kinda like being the “regular guy” at an adult film convention with John Holmes and Ron Jeremy… but hey!  I know how to use it!)  Writing on the other hand?  We all use the same alphabet and language, (minus those guys from the Pacific rim to my left!) and I’ve been at this a good while and will put my stuff up against anyone’s.  So, stay tuned!  Check out the pics when they are up, and I will update you all again tomorrow.  PS.  Phils Win 11-0…..Now where the hell did Gammons go…

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