On the Field NLCS Game 5

So the culmination of my sports, personal and professional life came to an amazing crescendo tonight! As the Phillies clinched there second straight NLCS I was on the field. Actually that is not 100% true. I was in the tunnel when they clinched. As per MLB, press is not allowed on the field for another 10 minutes after that. So after waiting the required 10, I was able to be on the field as the National League Trophy was presented to the Phillies. I got some amazing shots that you can see in this gallery. (2009 NLCS Trophy Presentation at Citizens Bank Park. The sands in internet time have broken that link, but I have the photos below.) In another stroke of luck, my life long friend, TJ was in the crowd. He was able to sneak down to the rail and I gave him my camera for the ONLY shot of me that exists for all the NLCS/NLDS access I have been fortunate enough to have.

If I said it once, I have said it a million times. The Phillies are a loose bunch, that legitimately like playing with and for each other. I don’t think there is a player on the team that would not take a bullet for manager Charlie Manuel. You can see their fondness for one another and confidence in the NLCS Game 5 pre-game warm up photos I shot (Again, the sands in internet time have broken that link, but I have the photos below). I will be interested to see if they look as loose against the Yankees. My hunch? Absolutely…

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Prediction? Phils in 5 and I am on the field seeing another Trophy being presented!



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