World Series Game 3: The Empire Strikes Back

Derek Jeter at Citizens Bank Park Game 3 of the 2009 World Series

So my first World Series game at Citizens Bank Park was a loss. Still that does not detract, at all, from the excitement of being a part of the media for a World Series game. I was so happy when I took that shot of Jeter, above, because it seemed to foreshadow what I was sure was going to be the beginning of a three game home stand sweep by the Phillies. I was wrong. Still love the shot!

The Yankees are pretty good, let’s face it. I heard grumblings last night about calls that turned the game. But the Yankees are just good. (Honestly I thought Game 2 was the more “winnable” game of the two losses so far.) I was on the field to see the Phillies warm up throughout the playoffs and if I said it once, I said it a million times. The Phillies are a loose bunch that looks like they are having a blast and really enjoy each others company. The Rockies and Dodgers seemed much tighter. Joe Torre was reminded me of the somnambulist in the Cabinet of Dr. Caligari. After spending a pre-game with the Yankees? Turns out the Yankees are every bit as loose, confident and upbeat as the Phillies.

During warm ups, former Philly, Michael Jack Schmidt came down to the field. Schmidt spent several minutes talking with both Derek Jeter and Alex Rodriguez. He spent the most time talking to former Yankee great Reggie Jackson. Jackson is a member of the Yankees staff. To see the two with over 1000 homeruns talk on the field of a World Series game close enough to flip a Topps baseball card at them was a highlight of my evening.

The second highlight came during the rain delay. And truth be told, I did not know it was a highlight until someone explained it to me later. I spent the lengthy rain delay in the interview room you see on Comcast SportsNet. What you can”t see from TV is that it is lined with about 100 chairs. As the game was in delay I sat there with camera people, national media, various baseball writers etc. As we sat there, a group of 5 or 6 very goofy teenish kids in bright red WORLD SERIES jackets descended upon the podium that is used for post game interviews. They mock interviewed each other, cracked jokes, beat-boxed, sang a cappella, and giggled. I thought some of the older folks from the BBWA’s heads would explode. It smelled like teen spirit to be sure! Later in the evening I learned they were the cast from GLEE that was singing that national anthem. I was the closest one to the podium, I wish I knew it was them to take a picture for my friends kids! Damn you Fox!!!

Photos I shot for PHL17: