NLCS: What a Difference a Day Makes!

So day two at Citizen’s Bank was a world of difference. I was there in time for the early press conferences. Joe Torre and Charlie Manuel are worlds apart right now. Charlie smiled more then he usually does and Joe Torre just sounds like a beaten man. He looks beaten as well. Although after working both home games til, 3 am, who doesn’t!?

I was also on the field at Citizens Bank Park and able to take in the Phillies Pre-Game warm up and get some really good shots. The Phillies are a very loose bunch right now. They are like a High School team, and I mean that in a good way. They genuinely seem to enjoy each others company and they do not seem the least bit intimidated by the enormous magnitude of these games. I had no doubt in my mind they’d win Game 4 and I have less doubt that they will win Game 5. Bring on the Yankees! Here is that gallery…

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In the mix, I bumped into TJ which was a very cool thing. Until you go to a major sporting event in your home town/ home team alone, you forget how much of “sports” is about the other people you enjoy it with. TJ and I have logged a lot of games! Sorry I could not be sharing this one with more of my friends and family.