World Series Game 4: Be Careful What You Wish For

Screen-shot-2013-12-11-at-12.32.43-PMAs I stood on the field for the trophy presentation at the NLCS game clincher in Philadelphia, I had just one thought. That thought was; “PLEASE, please, please Gods of Baseball, let me see this again next week, only next week, let it be a World Series Trophy I see presented!” That’s all I wished. Tonight at Citizens Bank Park there is a 50/50 chance that I see that trophy presented.

Seeing the trophy presented to the Phillies, however, has a ZERO percent chance of occurring. The Baseball Gods have the same sense of humor as the Monkey’s Paw from the Simpsons Treehouse of Horror! I guess next time I should be more specific with my requests of the Baseball Gods.

In any event, Games 3 and 4 have been a home field disappointment for the Phillies and for the fans. I do think that three consecutive home games, all that start after 8pm, take something away from the Philadelphia crowd. (As does a home Eagles game at 1:00 pm). The crowds were there in force Saturday to start, but then lessened, and followed suit on Sunday. Sure when the Phillies gave them something to cheer about, the fans were there, but overall, this was not the Phillies crowd we’ve come to expect. Maybe the Yankee Mystique makes fans more nervous then boisterous? Or maybe the proximity of the game to New York puts too many New York fans in the seats. I know a few Phillies fans that had their mortgages paid this month with Yankee dollars they got from selling their Phillies tickets! All were factors.

Which brings us to Game 5.

I am making a new wish. I’d like to see a trophy NOT presented tonight. Sure it would be interesting on a professional level as I may never be this close to baseball history, but on a personal level… NO. While I have given up realistic hope that the Phillies can win three straight, I just don’t want to see the Yankees clinch here. I don’t want to see them clinch on a night that the Series MVP had it gone the Phillies way, Cliff Lee, is on the hill and not on a night that even MORE of the Phillies faithful will line their pockets with “disappointment dollars” by selling their seats to the highest New York bidders. Not on a night that this Phillies 2009 takes the field at home for the last time. The Phils have given us an amazing two-year ride. Tonight I hope to send the Fightins back to New York with a victory and to salute our Phils one last time at home as the Champions they still are.

Wish I had a monkey’s paw. Go Phils.

Here are some photos I took for PHL17.

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