Nick’s B-Day!

My nephew Nick turned 6 and spent some quality time at a Gym-bor-Ree type place.  I won’t say the name, but I will say be careful if you go there.  They way oversell the place and for me in my newly soft-casted right foot?  That was like a circle of Dante’s hell.  I actually saw two women, not in my sister’s party, get into an almost fist-fight.  My sister’s group was great as usual and I saw some old friends, my family, and ate some pizza.  Nick was very interested in immersing me into his network.

“Uncle Tony, I need you to meet my friend…(insert name here).”

“(Insert Name Here) This is my Uncle Tony…he’s on TV!

High praise from 6 year olds indeed.  Where does the time go?!  I still remember like it was yesterday braving the freezing cold of Opening Day 2005 to be at Citizen’s Bank Park then off to Virtua to see Nick, Al and my sister, Tracie.  The give away for the opener was a ball that day that was stamped with Nick’s Birthday so I gave it to him when he was less then 1 day old.  It’s still on his shelf.

I was a little hobbled with the cast so I took very few pictures.  Almost none turned out.

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