Touch My Monkey; Philly Zoo Lego Exhibit Shoot


Actually, “touch my tamarin” would be more accurate as that is what those orange things in the photos are!  The tamarins and several endangered species like them are part of the Philadelphia Zoo’s amazing new Lego exhibit. The Zoo Exhibit features 10 display stations dedicated to endangered species. The walking tour is designed to educate zoo goers how an animal becomes endangered and how people near those eco-systems can help prevent further damage.  I got to the zoo before it opened.  Being in the zoo, with a camera, with no people in the way, was a rare treat.  A rare and nice treat that helped me get a zoo lego photo gallery for WPHL that I was very happy with (below).  My tour guide was  my friend Jeff Paolini, Online Marketing Manager from the Philadelphia Zoo.

For those that go way back with me and not so way back with Jeff, you will know this was a Stonhard web-alumni day us. Both Jeff and I did tours of duty as the “web guy” at company in NJ called Stonhard.  It was great to catch up and trade some great memories about life at “the ‘hard” as I affectionately call it.  It was obviously a great start for both of us!

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