I Love a Parade… even this one

I took some badly needed R & R to spend some time with the family over the 4th of July holiday.  As is tradition with my Berlin family and friends, the 4th of July starts with the Berlin Fourth of July Parade.  (This year on the third, thanks for ruining my plans!)  I managed to get out and catch up with some great friends.  Snapped a few pictures here and there and they are below.  The 2010 fireworks in Berlin were canceled however, and my 4th of July ended on the third.  I spent the 4th running at Berlin Park, at dusk,  while dozens lined up along the running track waiting for fireworks that never came.  (Out of towners didn’t all get the memo.)  I tried to tell them– “NO—ummm, hace?”  uhh “No Trabajo del La Fiero?!?  I sounded like Butthead trying to speak Spanish.  Hopefully, in any language, we will get the fireworks back in Berlin next year.  Here are some shots from my weekend.

2 thoughts on “I Love a Parade… even this one

  1. Yeah Berlin dropped the ball this year in the money department. We (Berlin TWP.) had the money ….Berlin …..fagetaboutit! Maybe next year?

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