Phillies NLCS Game 2


This game started for me like most playoff games do.  I got to the stadium in time for early press conferences, batting practice for both teams and some pre-game fan stuff.  Citizens Bank Park is awesome before anyone gets there.  It’s quiet and serene and I have the run of the place to get glimpses of things you wouldn’t normally get.  Vendors, Players in their PRE-pre-game rituals, etc.  One difference for game two? I was lucky enough to have someone else from WPHL with me.  (Usually Phillies are solo for me. )  Travis Brower was on hand and he was able to take a picture of me on the field.  One of the few that I have of myself in that venue.  He’s a video producer so he knows what he’s doing.  My favorite part of this series, really any series, is the return of former Phillies.  Being on the field pre-game, it’s interesting to see how friends, fans, and former team mates receive each other.

After warm ups were over it was up to section 237 auxiliary press area.  I sat next to ESPN, and get this, MLB UK.  Seriously…MLB UK.  I applied for a CRICKET USA job right from my seat.  I want to cover cricket for the US in England.  I shot the early stuff in a t-shirt, but by game time, 237 was freezing.  It took me way longer to file what I normally filed.

The Phils did not let me down either.  I am very much looking forward to them returning from San Francisco.  I got a new Canon 7D a few weeks ago and am still learning it.  But I was much happier with this gallery than I was for game 1. (My camera buddies know I struggled with it and the 5D, but could not be happier with the 7!  Especially the 8 FPS.) If they make the Series I am sure I will be all about it by then.  Here are a few of my favorites, followed by the WPHL gallery I shot…

And here is the WPHL Gallery…


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  1. Wow. I actually did some Baseball UK research, it’s taking off there. Maybe I will cover Baseball in England instead of cricket!? Judging from how these guys throw, maybe i will just play…

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