Halloween 2010

So this time last week I was live blogging the Phillies Game 6 on the second grandest stage in all of Major League Baseball from the very friendly confines of Press Box 237.  This week, since the Phils let us down, I will be at my niece and nephew’s Halloween Parades.   I took the day off and in the AM I will be with my niece and later in the afternoon with my nephew.  Here’s what I have so far…(PS, My niece has quite an entourage even w/o me there!)

Stay tuned for the afternoon installment!

To get to Nick’s parade, I had to skip a very lavish WPHL Halloween Lunch.  If you have never been, it’s top notch.  But I skipped.  And this year?  Nick was a masked werewolf!  Of all the years I could have attended Halloween Lunch this might have been a good one!  Good costume, just not a lot of him.  Jess had a great time with her Mom’s class.  It was great to see old friends though, one of the biggest reasons I go to this event.

The final installment of Halloween is at my sister’s after all the trick or treating is done…

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