Mullets, Mustaches and Mutton Chops: Phillies All Stars

Every so often I like to get into a really, really involved graphic art project, just to make sure those skills have not atrophied!  As a producer I use those skills in some capacity every day.  I make or alter lots of simple graphics and thumbnails all the time and of course photo editing takes up a huge part of my days… but graphic design that involves layout is something I don’t get to do as much as I used to. SO, I like to stay sharp and challenge myself…

To commemorate the Phillies historic placement of 5 members on the National League All Star Roster (they have only done that a handful of times), I constructed a photo gallery that chronicled all the Phillies to appear on the all-star squad since the game began in 1933.  Some names you won’t remember and others we never forget, to be sure.  At 77 items it was ambitious to say the least.  I kept a consistent style but changed backdrops based on the Phillies home park at the time and switched graphic elements to give the sense of time (i.e. b&w, 50’s photo borders, polaroid edges, photo corners, 80’s phanovision fonts, etc.).  Below is the gallery I designed and laid out.


One thought on “Mullets, Mustaches and Mutton Chops: Phillies All Stars

  1. Looks awesome! 1986, those were the days!! Is this the game Dad took you to? I think he still owes me those Jordache Jeans since I had to stay home! Thanks for reminding me!

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