Phillies Fashion Show 2011

The Phillies Fashion Show put on the Shane Victorino Foundation and hosted at the Union League in Philadelphia has rapidly become one of my favorite shoots of the year.  I shot it last year and loved it, but this year was even better.  The majority of the players involved like, Cole Hamels, Chase Utley, Ryan Howard, Shane Victorino and Jimmy Rollins, etc. all had a year of “fashion show” experience under their belt and they had more fun I think.  New comer, Hunter Pence, probably had the most fun of all.  Here is the Phillies Fashion Show 2011 I shot for WPHL.

It was the number one thing on for the entire month of August.  It was picked up by other stations and  properties throughout Tribune, (WPHL-TV’s parent company), and did well for them also.

It was also picked up by a lot of Philadelphia blogs that got to have fun and say the things that I probably wouldn’t or couldn’t.  My favorite was from Crossing Broad.  One of their female users tweeted something to the effect…

“When I saw the pictures of Hunter Pence shirtless my pants spontaneously fell off!”

Good Stuff!

——-Tony Romeo