Family Halloween 2011

Halloween is my favorite holiday, although you would never guess since I rarely dress and have missed my work party, which is a great party, every year since I started.  I shoot a lot of things for my job… but I take the day off from work every Halloween, just to take pictures.  Not “shoot.” Take Pictures.  And yes, there’s a difference.

My sister teaches at the grade school her and I both went to and her kids both go to that school.  They are 5 and 7.  I go every year. (2010 here).  So sure I bring the fancy camera, but I am really there just to be Uncle Tony and soak in the hilarity that is grades P-4 at Berlin Community School in their annual Halloween Parade.  Since I grew up in this town, I have lots of friends still in the area and I get to see their kids too.  Then it’s off to my sister’s house for a party with all my cousin’s kids.  It’s a blast.

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