Hey Tony, Screw You Creepo!

This November the station I work for is once again turning back the clock to go into our Dancin’ On Air vault.  My thoughts on this show were the subject of another Dancin’ on Air blog entry, but to say the least, it’s a lot of work for WPHL putting these specials together.  The latest special will air November 24th, 2011.  To prepare and get new footage of the show’s alumni cast members, we had a giant party at the Electric Factory.  My job that night was too shoot stills of the cast while they got interviewed by my friend and colleague, Adam Friedman.  Adam is a great interviewer and I heard some stories that I am sure can’t air…  It’s also where I met Jodi Letizia.

Jodi is an alum of DOA, but more famously to me and Adam… She’s the “Screw You, Creepo!” girl from Rocky 1.  (For those that DON’T remember the film, and shame on you all that don’t!)  Jodi was the pigtailed little girl that after a South Philly walk home of soul searching… Rocky decides to impart some wisdom upon… something to the effect… “You hang out with nice people, you get nice friends You hang out with smart people, you get smart friends You hang out with yo-yo people, you get yo-yo friends It’s simple mathematics.”

To which Marie replies… “HEY, ROCKY— SCREW YOU CREEPO!”


In our interview, Jodi was kind enough to give us the line a few times, even though this is very rare!  I told her I was a huge fan of that part of the film so her parting shot to me was…


I felt very honored. ( Tear…)   The camera was not rolling on that one, but here is a sample.  Adam is the voice, I am the one she is talking to when she looks left.  Jodi is a trip.

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  1. She is! I was on Dancin’ On Air with her 1981. I also work on a movie with her filmed in Philadelphia called “Two Bits” Staring Al Pacino.

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