Winter Classic Prep: Sex Panther Edition

Truth be told, Flyers Hockey was my first Philadelphia Sports love.  The Flyers won a Cup on my b-day, (even though I was too little to realize exactly what that meant…to me it was my extended family all together going crazy around a TV…  YES PLEASE!), my dad had season tickets and many of my 70’s male mentors had cheesy 70’s hockey mustaches!  It was a glorious time to be a little kid, a hockey fan and a facial hair enthusiast.

I also loved the Phillies, still do.  My career path has given me amazing access to the Phillies, still does.  On Monday, those two great loves came together in a really cool way.  The Phillies locker room, (actually clubhouse they call it- and if you see it, you will know why!) was decked out in Flyers Winter Classic gear to unveil the “sweaters,” as they are called in hockey, that the Flyers will wear in the 2012 game.  The field at Citizens Bank Park was also being prepped for the game and work crews were laying giant Lego like flooring over the luxurious CBP grass .  I got to cover that event.  Just a quick presser, a few stills, and a little b-roll.  But to me, a really, really exciting merge, albeit temporary, of two class Philadelphia institutions that really know how to do things the right way.  Seeing Ed Snider, Flyers President, the first time I have seen him in person, is something special.  He really does have a presence for those that have grown up with the Flyers like I have.  In that Phillies setting it was extra special.

Seeing Mr Snider and the Flyers gear in the Phillies house?  I am now TOTALLY caught up in the vintage/retro/throwback spirit of the event and have started my OWN 70’s ‘stache!!!  I will sport said mustache proudly when I cover the Winter Classic and Winter Classic Alumni Game in Jan.!!  I suggest all my guy friends, possibly a few girls—no names ha ha, join me in this mustache effort between now and the Winter Classic! Hmm… maybe I will use my dad’s old AE-1 too?!

Here are the photos I took for WPHL and once again the Phillies used some of them on MLB.COM.

Screen-shot-2011-11-22-at-12.37.24-PM (1)