Philadelphia Flower Show 2012

This weekend I covered the Philadelphia Flower Show.  My Grampy asked me to go to the show many times when he was alive and he never missed it.  It was a Grampy kind of day.  I ate lunch at Reading Terminal and took the train to work, both things he loved.  As I walked into the Philadelphia Convention Center I was reminded of him very much…  My Grampy was a farmer kinda guy and he loved to take pictures of flowers.  It didn’t take TOO long in the show however to surmise what the real attraction for him might have been…

The Flower Show is like WOODSTOCK for the Old Folks!!  Especially the ladies.  I could totally see my Grampy chatting up a storm and comparing green thumbs with the strong retired presence at the show.  It was totally his element.  Demos, great photos everywhere, FREE samples, etc.  Free stuff and women to listen to his stories.  I half expected to SEE my grandfather as Free Stuff and Women to listen to his stories, might be HIS heaven!

The Pennsylvania Horticulture Society was awesome as well.  The show is a really cool show, even if you are not that into flowers.  (Truth be told, I am not really that into flowers.)  But I am super into nostalgia and the nostalgia was thick for me that day.  This year’s theme was Islands of Aloha, which was a little better for me than the PARIS theme at last year’s Philly Flower Show.  Below are some of my favorites from the day.

Cool indoor waterfall and tiki hut that had a light show that constantly changed with island imagery.
Surf board with reflection
My Grampy would have been very proud of me…

Here is a link to the entire gallery on  2012 Philadelphia Flower Show Pictures.

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  1. Yes, Grampy would have been very proud of you…he always was! Gotta love Grampy memories!

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