Philly Addy Awards Adventure

The Philadelphia Ad Club hosted the annual Philly Addy Awards last week and I was a presenter in the “Best Traditional and Non-Traditional advertising.  I got to present with my colleague, Travis Brower from WPHL.  The station was up for a few awards, which is not uncommon.  I did however have a hand in TWO of the videos that had a chance to win this year.  I was IN the Phillies Spot (me behind the couch, filmed at my house) and I shot the Sarah and David spot that was comprised of stills masterfully put to sound and graphics by WPHL artist, William Lehan.  Sadly, neither of those won!  But it was cool to root, not just for my station, but for myself a little too this year.  And hey, my co-worker John Clements took home a Silver for his Family Guy Spot… so, it all worked out!

As for the presentation, we rehearsed it ALMOST two times in the three months we had to prepare and it KILLED at the office.  In person? Very hard to tell as the 700 or so people at VIE on Broad Street were not only very far from the presentation podium, but they also had a two hour drinking head start before we spoke.  All in all it was a good time and it was a real honor and privilege to get to do something like that!  Alan Tempest and the Philly Ad Club are great and it was a night I won’t soon forget.

Here’s some pictures and video from the evening!

Here’s the Addy presentation by Tony Romeo and Travis Brower.

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