Dreaded Sunny Day So I Meet You at the Cemetery Gates

I love the shoots that allow me to get in and around Philadelphia’s most storied places.  Especially if they have to do with ghost folklore and such as it’s a fascination of mine.  So a week or so after Terror Behind the Walls, I set my sights on Laurel Hill Cemetery.  A giant, beautiful and at the same time creepy cemetery on Ridge Ave in near the East Falls section of the city.  The 78 acre cemetery is one of the few in the country that is also a national historic landmark.  I am pretty sure my great grandmother is also buried here.  She died when I was a kid but I remember my NJ relatives lamenting why she was buried SO far away.  A few decades later I come to find out, “so far away, ” equals about 10 minutes over the Ben Franklin Bridge!  (Sounds about right for my NJ fam when it comes to PA…).  (PS. As always, extra credit for my extra cool friends that get this title.)

On October 6, Laurel Hill Cemetery hosted a Rest In Peace 5K through the cemetery in conjunction with a few other neighborhood organizations.  The entire run took place through the cemetery and had the participants wearing Halloween costumes.  Some really great ones too.  My favorite was easily Betsy Ross. The course was beautiful and took place entirely within the cemetery.

I love shooting in cemeteries as there is a lot of neutral grays to help meter your photos.  A lot of this day I used a spot meter on my camera on a nearby stone and was pleased with the results.  Here are the photos from the day that I liked.

And here is what I published for PHL17.


Here is a cool addendum to this story!  Unbeknownst to me, the organizers of this event linked to my material in their post run e-blast to participants. When that stuff happens unsolicited, you know you did a good job!


Oh, and Bonus- Bonus… here is a shot of me in action that I stole from the events FB page.  I am behind this group and obviously did not take this one.

( Tony Romeo at Lauren Hill Cemetery).
That’s me in the background looking like a weird mix of Serpico meets Peter Parker. ( Tony Romeo at Lauren Hill Cemetery).