When I Think About you I Retouch Myself…

I shot some photos at Society Hill Dance Studio’s dance showcase.  (A dance showcase is a recital for grown ups.)  Anyway, the light was theatrical and inconsistent. And low.  I was also just there just to support my GF that is a student and not there to get in the way of the professional photographers that her school hires.  Translation I was a little farther back than I would have liked.

Still it was a great chance to test the capabilities of my Canon 5D MKiii in the low light situations it’s supposed to excel at.  I shot at ISOs I’d never expect to be usable for my day job and I really didn’t expect much to be usable. But I shot in RAW format and hoped for the best.

And while it was long and laborious, I was really happy with what Adobe Lightroom could do to salvage these shots.  Do I wish I had better starting files at manageable ISOs.  Yep!  Do I wish I had the position and set ups the hired guys had.  Yep!  But all in all, I am pleased with what I was able to do.

Check out some before and afters…














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  1. Hey I am hoping to get the same help from Lightroom on the pics from Angelina’s summer stage photos. Gonna try it out today!!

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