The Utleys are Dreamy

To steal my lead from the piece I did for PHL17 on the Utley Fashion Show, “As if the Utley’s aren’t dreamy enough, turns out they are champions of animals in need!” 

Turns out the super hot Chase Utley and his super hotter wife, Jen, are nice too.  I covered their latest charity endeavor to raise $$ and awareness for the Pennsylvania SPCA.  And they weren’t the only Phillies there cleaning up nicely.  Below are some of my favorites from the night, and you can check out all my photos from Chase Utley Casino Night from the EFC here.

While you are checking out things, please DO check out that ran these photos as well.  The commenting on that site is always funny and worth a look. “Petti-boned” was my favorite. Thanks as always, Kyle/CB!

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