Ork Promo

When I was asked to shoot the elements for an “Ork” spot at PH17 this week, I jumped at the chance and very quickly figured I would do something along these lines…

Screen shot 2013-06-11 at 5.13.40 PM

Buuuuuut, it turns out, ORK, was really OARC.  It stands for Ogontz Avenue Revitalization Committee and every year they have a Jazz Festival. So the task at hand was to make our studio look “jazzy” and our results are below.

Chris Schaefer produced the spot and called a lot of the shots.  The body and hand extras in the spot are all WPHL colleagues including Travis Brower, John Clements, Kristen Hatfield, Whitni Rouse, William Lehan and a few interns and like another great director Alfred Hitchcock, Chris makes a cameo as well.  I was not in it because I was behind the camera, AND, truth be told, a little intimidated as my work friends can actually play!  See Below….

All in all the spring has been great for promos and I have a lot that I am happy with.