Holy Communion

Holy Communions have become mini-proms minus the dates.  The money that parents are spending on hair, flowers, make-up, and of course dresses, even the priest commented that he thought he was in Hollywood.  BUT, if my sister and brother-in-law were going to shell out big cash, the least I could do was be there to take some great pics of her looking #TotesAdorbs in her dress that cost more than my first car… Don’t  hate the player, hate the game.

Family functions are also a great place to practice.  No matter how good, bad or different you are at shooting photos and video, every situation is different and that little thing you learn here or there might help you when you are in a critical spot that you have to think fast and solve photo problems in difficult conditions. Plus if you can deal with the sharp elbowed paparazzi of Soccer Moms and their cameras, you’re more than ready to deal with real paparazzi. Here are some photos…

Another great part of this day is going back to Our Lady of Mt Carmel. Or whatever they call it now.  (I know, I just won’t accept the new name change).  That parish has been in my family since my family for about a 100 years, maybe more.  Returning to the school/church even the new church, reminds me of so many Weddings, Christenings, Communions, Confirmations, Masses, etc that I have attended since I can remember.

Here’s my favorite shot of the day.  Since I am a fancy award-winning photog, I feel I reserve the right to make anyone a production assistant, no matter the circumstance.  HA!  Seriously, all kidding aside some of these turned out great because my sister, brother-in-law, my nephew and even my niece, on her special day, held a reflector for me.

Jessica-Comm-45 Jessica-Comm-47