Ready for her Close-Up

Things have a weird way of aligning in the universe sometimes… When I woke up this morning I knew today was the day we were using my cousin Angela in her first speaking part in a PHL17 production!  What I didn’t remember was that today was also the 9th anniversary of the day my grandfather passed away.  “Grampy” was also Angela’s grandfather.   Grampy for many in my family was the on-road to our love of all things camera and video, so, it was not lost on me or Ang how much the two of us working on a project at a real live TV studio would have made him happy.  Even though Grampy’s great-grandson, Sean, questioned just how “alive” the studio kitchen set was.

Angela was in the capable hands of my great friend and producer Chris Schaefer who helped her through her first speaking part and my other PHL17 friends were great keeping Sean entertained and occupied.  Angela did great by the way and Sean really enjoyed getting to see the PHL17 Studio.  He stayed mostly quite while my colleagues did their thing on set, met a bunch of my work friends and beguiled us all with a story about how his Dad had two thumbs on one hand at one time.  A natural born story teller.  Just like most of my family.  We get that from Grampy.

And here’s the finished product!