Cigar City Brewing

A few years back I covered n on the USS NJ  for PHL17 called, BEERFEST.  It was a really cool event, I interviewed some great people and supported a NJ landmark. (Or is it a sea mark?!).  What I didn’t know was that it was also the birth of my “craft beer career.”

Before that day? I was generally the kind of person that drank Miller Lite when I wanted something lighter and Guinness when I wanted “something good” and Corona Light if it was the summer.  That was basically the gamut of my beer drinking.  Since that day I have become more and more of a “craftie.” I’ve got 500 unique checkins on Untappd, I covered the fabled Beer Camp in 2014, I often host tastings like the 12 Beers of Christmas and as of November, I have traveled to one of the top craft brewers in the country.  Cigar City Brewing.  That adventure looked something like this.

If you go, the brewery has a tap room and a restaurant.  I gave myself a few hours to eat a big meal and have many samples at the Tap Room, only to find it’s just beer tasting there. Tons of beers, even experimental ones, but no food.  On the flip side, the restaurant, some miles away from the Cigar City Brewery, has great food I am told, but a much, much more limited beer selection.  Since I had zero food in me on this trip and had to drive, I only had one flight.  Next time I will plan much better.