So this is Christmas

I use a somber John Lennon lyric for the title of this blog, like the hipsters do– “I-ron-ic-cally.”  As truth be told? I had a really great Christmas. My Gram is like 500 years old now and that bums me out as she was such a big part of Christmas growing up. She is  frail now and that’s tough.  But the rest of my family is pretty stellar and collectively, they make up for it. My family is just a really great bunch. I am so proud of so many of them for different things this year.  Here are some pics of my holiday travels.

Speaking of past Christmases, here is a post i made on Facebook.  It’s a great little movie I did many years ago that I wanted to give a new audience this year. It’s made from the 8mm movies from my Grampy.  I used to be really afraid of posting these archives online as anyone can steal them. But now my attitude is, have at it.  If others are lifted from this imagery, I think that’s just awesome.  This is part of a 16 song DVD I made. I will release more soon.