Best Play Ever: Shut Up Molly Edition

I went back to my alma mater to catch my niece and nephew in a play.  And neither disappointed.  Well, the PA system at the ol’ Berlin Community probably needs an upgrade, but the kids put on a great, great show.  My family was on hand as were lots of old friends I grew up with and new friends I have made over the last few years.  Here are some photos.

I was really proud of both Nick and Jess.  Sat in the audience with a huge smile on my face.  “SHUT UP MOLLY” is a line I heard my niece practice many times, but hearing her deliver it with confidence at the play, was the best.  (That Molly is her BFF, made it even funnier).  And my nephew as Rooster had the perfect delivery for a 30’s con man swindler.   Going back to BCS also means seeing the kids of some of my oldest friends perform too– and so many of them were great.  (I know Annie’s parents, Mollys, FDR, Smiley Orphan?!, Grace, Lily?!, a few I forget, etc).  They were all fantastic.  The older they get the more I can see their parents.  It brings me back to my own BCS days.  Great night in the old 08009…

If you want any of these at full resolution, or smaller video clips, just shoot me an email.  For first timers to my blog, in addition to “Uncle Tony” I am also a producer at PHL17 TV in Philadelphia.  Shooting my family is how I stay sharp. If your photos and videos are not turning out like you like– keep practicing.  Shooting, shooting and shooting some more is how you get better.  I went from shooting at Teddy Moos Memorial Park in Berlin to Citizens Bank Park in the blink of an eye.



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  1. Tony-I love the pics..thanks for sharing them. I think you should be a professional 😉

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