My Gram turns 88

So my Grammy was pretty much my ninja growing up.  We were all spoiled by my Gram.  My sister and I used to paint nail polish on quarters to give them to her to take to the casino and play for us.  And if “those” quarters hit, we won.  And those quarters always hit.   And we always won, no matter what.  School trips, first bikes, first cars, clothes for whatever we needed.  After my parents spoiled me as much as they could, Grammy came in and took it to an out of this world level.

Gram always took great care of herself, exercised, gardened, walked, never drank or smoked–laughed most days, sang lots of days, cooked, cleaned and all that stuff.  So, 88 is not really a surprise.  Here are some photos me and my cousin Angela took.

But how her mind struggles at this age is a surprise. At least to me. Gram was always invincible to me.  For those aware how the elderly began to lose memories in small and large ways you may know what I mean.

Write down your precious memories.  I’ve always have.  If you don’t know where to start? Ask me.

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