The Beer Mile

Although it’s not quite as renowned as the “ice bucket challenge” and does way more harm than good I’d assume, there is a new viral activity sweeping certain circles this year.  It’s called the Beer Mile.  It started as something gross for non-runners, but since there are plenty of athletes that enjoy a beer now and then as well– it’s began to attract some serious athletes.  (I suppose I am somewhere in the middle?!).

So under very safe and responsible conditions, I decided to try a Beer Mile with 3 of my friends.  The basic premise of the Beer Mile is running a timed mile, but finishing a can of beer before each quarter mile.  Of our foursome I was probably the most runnerish of the group having just done a timed mile of 7:20 a week earlier, but the other 3 all had and/or have been great athletes as well…  Here’s how the day went down.  (It’s PW protected but you can easily guess the 4 letter PW.  It’s in the title,  rhymes with CHEER).

As you can hear in the video– getting sick was our biggest concern.  Drink ANYTHING that fast and run around, and it’s a good chance you barf.  BUT, none of us did.  We all finished our beer mile and we all finished with times that are pretty decent.  It’s obviously a juvenile sophomoric thing, but, LITERALLY I have been friends with these guys since I was a Sophomore– and sometimes it’s fun to just do something ridiculous with your besties that knew you back when.  This was one of those times.  The laughs were worth it 1000 times over.  SO, thanks Jim, Bruce and Eric for making another great entry in our lifetime journal of epic silliness.  Thanks to Mary for holding it down in the broadcast booth and watching the cameras. See you next time Beer Sports fans…