Family Time: 4th of July Edition

Fourth of July is always a fun time at my sister’s house.  This year was no different.  It’s always a great start to summer in my middle-American little suburb town, Berlin Borough.  My whole family goes to my sisters after the parade and that means lots of kids doing the hilarious things kids do.  It’s also a great time for me to test out the gear I use at work.  (We have been having audio problems with the DSLR shoots, so I tested a good ol’ wired mic!). My test subjects were the cast of characters you see below.  I think they all nailed it!


As an aside, I think in addition to being silly and fun, this is a great activity and teaches kids skills they will actually use their entire life.  Being able to talk when cameras roll and eyeballs are watching you is a confidence builder.  The older kids really did a great job on these vids.  There’s a few future Peter Cheeseman’s in there for sure.

Here are a few stills as well. See you next year.