The Play’s the Thing

Nick Vitale Simba

So I just took in my nephew’s first play outside the friendly confines of his own school.  He joined a select theater group run by Anne Kessler called Curtain Call Performing Arts.  The production and the kids were really great.  Of all the things we take our kids to in these formative years, from sports, to music, to student government, boy and girl scouts and everything in between– I feel the skills they learn on stage, the confidence they get from conquering their fears and performing in front of an auditorium full of people, stay with them for life.

I thought my nephew did even better than the last time I saw him and I am really proud of him and all the kids in the Lion King Jr. production.  There was not a kid on that stage that I didn’t think had great potential.  Here are some photos from the day.