Tony Romeo: “Weekend Philler” Host

So I always thought it would be fun to host a show.  I love shows that people just use their actual personality, versus some Cheeseman news voices, to just tell people what’s up.  We had been kicking around the idea of a clip show on weekends at PHL17 to fill space with something other than infomercials for “trans-vaginal-mesh” and the other unwatchable programming people buy.  I quickly, (that’s how the best names for things happen), said; “Let’s call it WEEKEND PHILLER.”

The name stuck and I get to be that actual personality that hosts this show, that we hope, will put the U back in UHF.  I will keep you posted as this has been really fun and in many ways a dream come true. When we did a test run of the pilot– the outpouring of support from my friends and family was really overwhelming.  I was so touched, I felt like Adam Sandler in Waterboy.

For those of you that missed it, here is the First Episode.  They get much better– please tune in!

And again, thank you all for the really sweet thread on FB.  Great people, great memories– hopefully we are about to make some new ones.  The host part is a really small part of Weekend Philler.  I am really excited to tell stories and make the videos about people I know have great stories to tell.

And of course some production stills.