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Most of the people I work with are big fans of the movie ANCHORMAN.  And most of us have a “newscaster” voice we like to say things in to crack each other up.  Apparently mine is the funniest.  Throw in a 70s ‘stache and some mutton chop side burns?  And that’s a recipe for promo gold.  Or so we hope–

Chris Schaefer, WPHL-TV Producer, took all those elements and hatched a series of TV spots to promote our PHL17 Morning Show, Eye Opener.  The basic idea is– Eye Opener is not like those tired old news programs of yesteryear.  The face of those shows was the Anchorman inspired, Peter Cheeseman, played by me, Tony Romeo.  We have done two rounds of Cheeseman so far. The second is first and then the first.

Here we have some “outtakes.”  I include these as we had a hell of a good time making these spots. The voices off camera are Chris Schaefer and Travis Brower.  I wish anyone reading this far into this blog, a “work” day as fun as this one.  A lot of my job seems “fun” to people– covering events and newsworthy things, and it is– but it’s still work.  Writing, shooting, editing, filing, etc.  This day for me, however, was all the fun– and zero work of the work.  I left that to Chris and Travis.  And they did a great job.


Lastly, here are some photos of me getting ready to become, Peter Cheeseman. This character was a lot of fun. Aside from the obvious Anchorman relation, it also really reminded me of family members back when I as a kid.  My Dad’s mustache, clothes like my uncle and grampy, etc.

Here is a quick video of a Cheeseman impersonation that I find funny.  It’s my niece.

And here are my 3 year old twin cousins reacting to Cheeseman.


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