James and the Giant Peach with my Nephew

So, if you follow this blog– you know I am a huge fan of my niece and nephew and all their endeavors. Especially their play/theater groups. Of all the skills we teach kids, I think these are skills that last a lifetime.  I can’t say enough about the program they are in, CCPAC, and their teacher Anne Kessler, her staff and the volunteers, parents etc.  It’s a really supportive group of people and these kids are building great friendships and putting on great plays.  Like THIS one…

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My nephew had the lead in James and the Giant Peach and even with a cold, he really nailed it.  From top to bottom there were so many performances that were way advanced for kids their age.  So proud for them.  (For those new to the blog, I am also a producer at PHL17.  Video/Stills are very much part of my day job and my family and friends have always been where I like to practice and stay sharp.  If you like the photos please feel free!  If you LOVE them consider following me and/or the station on FB, Twitter or IG.)  If you also like to photograph and take video of your family– feel free to ask me about settings, equipment etc. It’s cool when people like my photos– it’s cooler when I can show them how I do it.

I also have video– I will be editing, song at a time, as time permits.  Here’s the first one; (Keep checking for more video.)




Thanks and see you next time!

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