Bob Bowling Audio on Weekend Philler

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I am really enjoying our new show, Weekend Philler.  It’s really an extension of the digital media I have always made for PHL17, but given that it’s also appearing on TV, I think it’s brought my production game to the next level.  (With a digital package we are publishing fast, with TV– we take our time a little more.  Not A LOT more since my work flow hasn’t changed and I still cover a lot of stuff– but, a little–)

My favorite part of the show is weeks like this one about Bob Bowling Audio.  It’s rare since the show is on at 11:30pm, but I actually got to watch the clip I produced for Episode 8, WITH the people in it.  The spot was about a guy named Bob Bowling. He’s become a friend over the last few years, but i met Bob through common music friends– basically because he is so good at what he does, he’s one of those names that people drop a lot.

When I met him I agreed. He’s a really inspirational guy, and it’s a pretty inspirational story about him, his studio and what he’s doing with it.  Bob’s got a great family, a great group of friends, talented artists under his tutelage and when the spot ran LIVE at Racks Sports Bar– I got to see Bob watch with a group of his peeps. For me? There is nothing better than seeing something you made to be a great TV spot– consumed by the people that appreciate it.  Thanks to Racks for putting Weekend Philler on the TVs.  Thanks to South 47 for taking a longer break than normal.  (I wont’ forget either favor.)  For those that I just met via Bob and sampled the show– please keep watching.  Local TV is like Local Bands– gotta stick together, support, network, etc.  See you next time and there will be a next time…