Return to Myrtle!

Since I had southern cousins that lived in Georgia, instead of spending my summers at the NJ shore, I spent a lot of time between our homes in Myrtle Beach.  It was a pretty much halfway from Berlin to Dalton, our respective homes.  We went for many years and brought and made lots of friends.  I stopped going when I was about 16 or so– So when we were looking for a cool vacay spot we thought why not revisit a classic town from my youth.  So we did.  (Cindy’s daughter Rylee is the same age as I was the last year my family went to Myrtle so that made the trip extra special.)  Here are some classic pics from the 1980s…

And here are some pics from this year– (Like my dad in the 80s, I also shoot with a Canon!  5Diii).

And lastly– even though I brought a lot of fancy camera stuff with me, here are some of the files from our phones and social media.  They are more fun sometimes.

My take aways after this trip back to my childhood sea town– it’s changed.  Nothing gold can stay as I learned from Pony Boy in The Outsiders!  It’s gone the route of crazy condo.  SO many.  Yet, they all seem filled, so, I guess that’s OK.  What’s not OK is how empty some of the stores are, especially when there are dozens of the same kinds of stores in a close proximity and how apathetic the people that work in many of them are.  GONE is that Southern Hospitality that I grew up with.  With some winking freckled exceptions here and there, we just got lackluster service almost everywhere.   Still we had the best time and brought our own Southern Charm and are still talking in our Southern Accents…  Thanks for the memories Boo 1-2 and CookieTush! ha ha.