Take Our Kids To Work Day 2018

Take the Kids to Work Day, or whatever it’s called, is my favorite day of the year.  I don’t have kids of my own, so I am all about taking my niece and nephew every year.  But also their friends, family friends, kids of loved ones, cousins, etc.  I love seeing their minds expanded in ways my own was not when I was their age.  I mean sure I had great teachers, talented friends, but no one’s uncle worked in local TV and took us in.  SO– I try and give back.

This year in addition to Nick and Jess, I took their friend’s Becky and Chris.  The latter are a little older, take production courses in High School and I truly feel like maybe I helped some kids find a major in college, if not a career. (It’s not too late kids– major in math or science if you want to make some dough!)

Here are some pics and video.