My Niece is Hilarious

Okay, I hope I don’t turn this poor kid into an internet star before she is out of diapers…but she is just so funny. The Romeos are Funny, the Sandros are funny, the Vitales are funny…so her and her brother were probably destined to get the gene. Still, this one makes me laugh, every time I see it. Enjoy and feel free to comment! And my butt is awesome, regardless of what she thinks. PS. She will be two in March and she is my sister Tracie’s youngest. (Tony Romeo Niece, below.)

Please Comment Below and I will be sure she gets them!

10 thoughts on “My Niece is Hilarious

  1. Omg! She could win the 1 million dollar prize on Americas Funniest Videos! Put that girl on Star Search. Although, you do not want her following in Brittany’s footsteps.

    Love yas,

  2. She is adorable !!! And certainlly talented, She is just a little confused with the words.. Uncle Tony doesnt have a butt if I remember correctly, I know its been a few years, did you get a Big ole Butt? She does have your entertaining gene thats for sure…

    Still Love Ya Tony,

  3. To whom it may concern:

    Thank you for the submission of the little girl inaudibly singing something about someone’s giant ass. However, it has come to my attention that this is nothing more than an advance bootleg copy of High School Musical 3. Due to this fact, any additional submissions will be unceremoniously dismissed.

    Please address all future correspondence directly to the brick wall located at the front of our building.

    Tom Bergeron

  4. Seriously Tony, that is hysterical….she is sooooo cute!

    I’m going to go play it again…bye


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