Cooper River 5k Turkey Trot 2007

SO this Thanksgiving I decided to change it up a little and participate in a 5k race. Usually I tell my girlfriend I am at my families house, and my family I am with my girlfriend, and use the day to basically do absolutely nothing but sit around and watch football in my underpants!! YEA!!! GOOD TIMES…

But anyway, this year I decided to do the run. We got great weather and an even greater turnout. I think my time was around 26:10 or so. I had hoped to go a little faster as the last few months I have been running in Pennsylvania and I thought running the hills there would speed me along when I got back to flat NJ… They did not!

But still it was a great time. I ran into Amy Gorman and her husband Jason who I have not seen since basically her last year at Eastern High School. Hopefully next year we get more of an EHS presence from our era. It was a great time, and nice to catch up with old friends in that Thanksgiving setting as opposed to the drunk of my ass the Wednesday before setting I usually see old friends at. Next year I hope to see even more of you! Enjoy the pictures.

2016 Update.  I lost my friend Amy last year to cancer.   I miss her all the time.   This race got us back in contact and I was happy we stayed in better touch.  

2 thoughts on “Cooper River 5k Turkey Trot 2007

  1. Hey There Underpants, Now your secrets out.!! There have been and year or two that would have been my choice too but my attire would been sweats. But you’d miss out on all the “fun,food and family”.. You and the Gorms looked great. Way to go for a good cause.

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