Maggie Update: Clean Margins!

I wanted to take a quick blog post to update all of you about our family dog, Maggie. She had the results of her surgery come back, and her margins were clean!  For those of you fortunate enough to not know too much about cancer, that means the immediate area left behind where the tumor was, seems to be free of cancer tissue.  That was/is the best news we could have gotten following her very serious, rostral lateral maxillectomy procedure!  (Basically a cancer tumor, and a non-cancer tumor were removed from her snout.)

Maggie was in great hands at  Veterinary Referral Center of Malvern, PA, and she seemed to be on the mend immediately from the time we picked her up.  Thanks again to Dr. Sadanaga and his great team.  (Thanks also to Dr. Amy Hinze at Winslow Animal Hospital who sent us to VRC. Without her none of this would have happened).

Maggie is now medication free, and very much back to normal.  She is getting used to her new mouth and so are we.  Thanks to all the well wishers, prayers, and kind words.  This blog is getting found by other people in similar doggie predicaments and I hope you find Maggie’s story inspiring and I wish you all the best of luck.  If you can afford it, and your dog is otherwise healthy, there’s always hope.

UPDATE 2009:  We have since lost Maggie.  We lost her to something completely unrelated to the rostral lateral maxillectomy procedure.  (Liver).  So for those considering that procedure who find this blog, it’s serious, and it leaves your dog radically altered in terms of appearance, but our dog bounced back 100%.  And her new “snout” was just more endearing because she still had her Maggie personality.

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  1. Hi Tony,

    I’m so glad Maggie is doing ok. I know how much she means to you. They are family to us dog lovers. Hope everything is ok with you. Keep in touch.

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