So Long Souderton!

My Allebach Time is up!  My journey to Pennsylvania came to an end Friday the 18th of July, ending my year in Montgomery County.  I am going to miss Souderton and the awesome people I met at the agency.  You are all an amazingly talented group that works very hard.  I will miss you all a great deal!

Advertising on the other hand?  Might not miss it as much.  It’s a tough, tough business.  One that my agency does very well.  I’d like to think I did it well during my tour of duty, but the longer I spent working that hard to please and keep clients, I began to think there might be better ways for someone with my skillset to make a living.

So, so long Allebachers!  Thanks so much for letting me be a part of that team.  Keep up the great work and don’t forget to smile, laugh, and have fun once in a while.  If there’s any way I can ever help any of you, please do not hesitate to ask…



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