Maggie 1998-2009

We buried our family dog Maggie today.  Maggie really was our family dog because we all spent at least part of her life at my mom’s house.  My birthday is in May and in May of 1998, while at 173, I got a lawnmower for my birthday.  One month later?  My sister, also residing at 173, got a puppy??!?  Was and is, til this day, a total jip!

She was an amazing dog and saw my family through times, good, bad and different with the same patented Maggie smile.  Through births and deaths and graduations, she was always there…like all dogs.  Maggie was there with that unconditional love that gives us all something to aspire to.  Last year Maggie underwent mouth surgery and came through with flying colors.  The condition that took her from us today was completely unrelated. (Kidney Failure.)

I last saw her on Friday.  She had not eaten in three days, but still looked up and gave me one last smile.  It’s the one I will keep the longest.  Those of you who have bigger dogs know how hard it is when they get immobile and that is where she was.  We had no choice but to let her go, because at this point, those smiles were for us, not for her.

We buried her under a swing and I wore the boots she chewed as a puppy.  I’d like to thank Greg, my Dad, Chip, my sister, and my mom for helping.  I will miss Maggie very much.  Thanks for the kind words, thoughts, and prayers extended my family.  We have had the good fortune to be surrounded by wonderful people throughout the years, and so many of you are “dog people.”  I don’t think the two characteristics are unrelated!  Sorry to my other friends that have also lost pets this year.  A special thanks to all of you that shared Maggie with us throughout her life.  She was a part of the family, just like all of you…

Rest in doggie heaven, Maggie.  And thanks to all our wonderful friends for your support.

The Romeos

Magg-O loved a good ride!  However she could get it!

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  1. Sending you and your family hugs Tony! I’ve been there and there’s no other way to say it…it sucks.

    We’ll miss you Maggie! Good dog!

  2. Tony…again, I am so sorry that this happened. I have also been there, and it is never easy. As I said before, “You were a fine woman Maggie.”

    You are right when you said her smiles were just for you and the family. There is nothing like a good dog. It has been a little over 4 years for me, and I still cannot bring myself to get another dog.

  3. Having a dog and loving a dog is like nothing else in this world. So, when they leave us it’s profound. We are left with a big gap that hurts for while. But they never leave our hearts, not really. It’s strange, but there are still moments when I think I hear my German Short-haired Pointer barking. She’s been gone since 1980. Okay, that sounds weird I know, but I guess they stay in your heart and in your mind. Maggie was lucky to have all of you. Sweet dog.

  4. So sorry to hear about Maggie’s passing. She really was a staple in the family. She will be missed dearly. Many hugs to you all. Lots of love from the South, Sally, Brian, Aunt Anna and the kids

    PS Rowen(our dog)sends her condolences as well woof woof paw paw

  5. We’ve only had Snickers for a year and a half and we can’t even imagine how hard it is to loose the one friend who is always happy to see you when you walk through the door! We are so sad to hear of your loss, much love to you and the family!

  6. That stinks. Yeah, losing a pet (especially a great pet), is really a bummer. At least she brought much joy to your lives over the years. Enjoy the memories. R.I.P. Maggie.

  7. The vision I have had since yesterday is that “little puppy” sitting in the bucket seat of my car, staring at me, as I took her home to 173! That lttle puppy of course was Maggie!
    Mommy, always being smarter then all of us, knew that “Tracie’s birthday gift” would bring all of us more then we coul ever realize!
    Although not known as an animal lover, it is impossible not to realize thst because of the things Maggie brought to us,and the extended Romeo family, was a love. I never saw Maggie as an animal, she was Maggie!
    I always felt that every time I saw Maggie, she ran to me, and thanked me for bringing her to the “Romeo’s.” I believe the last time I saw her she thanked me again, and she stood there in front of me until her rear legs gave out! Then I felt she said good bye! Life goes on, but as we get older we relize it is never “quite” the same.
    Good job Tony!

  8. Hi Tony,
    I am so sorry to hear about Maggie. I know how much she meant to you and your family. Having always had a dog I know how hard it is when they are gone. I know your memories will help you through this time, they always did for me.

  9. My heart goes out to you and your family T. I know that loss of a special family member like Maggie has brought such sadness to you hearts. Your memories of her will help you heal and the warmth of her unconditional love will aways bring sweet smiles to your life. Hugs.

    A poem:
    Sunlight streams through the window pane unto a spot on the floor…
    then I remember, it’s where you used to lie, but now you are no more.

    Our feet walk down a hall of carpet, and muted echoes sound…
    then I remember, It’s where your paws would joyously abound.

    A voice is heard along the road, and up beyond the hill,
    then I remember it can’t be yours…your golden voice is still.

    But I’ll take that vacant spot of floor and empty muted hall
    and lay them with the absent voice and unused dish along the wall.

    I’ll wrap these treasured memorials in a blanket of my love
    and keep them for my best friend until we meet above.

    — Author Unknown

  10. Thank you all so much. It means a lot to all of us. My cousin Patty shared a video with me that is a very sweet notion…

    Rainbow Bridge

    I also recommend Mitch Albom’s “The Five People You Meet in Heaven”… it’s a book, but the movie was really good too. Makes sense of our time on the Blue Marble and reminds us that everything happens for a reason and every ending is really a beginning, we just don’t know it at the time.

  11. Hey Tony, Terrie, and Tracie… sorry for your loss… I didn’t know Maggie that well… but I do know that she meant alot to your family… love you, and Maggie was a lucky dog to have you guys as her family… I know I am! xoxoxo Jackie

  12. I am so sorry for your loss!Let’s keep Maggie alive by telling funny stories about her (bet you have some?). All healing thoughts, KL

  13. Hi Tony and Terie,Thank you for telling me about your tribute to Maggie. She must have been very special to be loved the way you loved her. I hope to hear from you soon.

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