Fantasy Football Champs!

del_sjpfflWhile most of you slept last night, my Fantasy Football league, the SJPFFL, was playing itself out in the most dramatic ending in our history.  My team, FUTLER, was down a single point to Mike Finegan’s EL SUPREMO in the fourth quarter with 0:23 left on the clock.  Sidney Rice was my last active player and needed only ONE POINT, (ten yards in our scoring) to make me a winner.  Unfortunately, Rice was out of both time, and field.  (Vikings were at the 6.)  So, as Favre and company lined up, the ONLY thing that could make me a winner was a touchdown to Sidney Rice.  Miraculously?  That is EXACTLY what happened and I won my entire league on the final play of regulation.  Incidentally, I was only in the finals because I beat Jeff Butler’s CROOKED SHILLELAGH squad by a single point, also in the waning moments of a Monday Night Football game.  Both Mike and Jeff were gracious in defeat, and the starving children of Nicaragua and many other third world countries are enjoying the EL SUPREMO CHAMPIONSHIP T-SHIRTS that are no longer accurate!

So, in the most unlikely of unlikely fashion, I won my first Fantasy Football title.  I will say that again.  I won my first, ever, fantasy title.  I have been in my league since the mid to late 1990’s.  It’s a league made up of family, old friends, and guys I have become friends with one draft day at a time over the last decade plus.  Every one of these guys know how to play, every one of them plays 14 weeks, regardless of record, and everyone puts up a hefty $300ish to be involved.  That makes the Championship Pot?  A Cool $1000.00!

I had the best regular season record, by a lot, a stud starter at every position, (before the injury to my TE, Owen Daniels then I “got by” with TE by committee.)    Below are the studs that carried me the entire way.  Brees, Jones, Jones-Drew, D. Jackson, S.Rice. Prater, and Owen Daniels (replaced after injury by Fred Davis.)  The number next to them is where they rank by position overall by our scoring.


Next up?  I will be visiting my good friend Wolf to get that coveted SJPFFL trophy.  When wolf helped me move my couches into my new house a few years back, he pointed out that the top of my entertainment center would be an excellent place for that trophy… he’s right!  I will be sponsoring a keg sometime this winter so my league mates can come look at it!

Thanks to Jim Beach, my league’s Commish (who already has check in mail as that is how this league rolls and has for a decade!), that ran another great year.  Every picky piece of bitching minutia I brought up over the regular season blasting the rules, the scoring, and web site we use!?  I formally, respectfully and whole-heartedly take back….

FOR THREE WEEKS!  Then it’s on!  See you next year ARSE CLOWNS!!!!!


Good Luck….