Are You Ready to Rock?!

So Christmas mixed with winning my Fantasy Football league, finally afforded me the luxury of Ps3 and Beatles Rock Band!  In short…the rocking is NOT disappointing.  I’ve rocked with friends and their kids, friends, I’ve rocked alone, but, by far, the best “band” I have been in so far is the one below…  We are looking for a band name and a manager.

Here is my new band, from left to right, Grammy (83), Nick (5), Al (37), Me (39)…  As you can see… we rock.  That Harmonix/MTV games can put out a title that can bring together those age spans is nothing short of remarkable.  While Gram was a very capable drummer, I’d love for EA to come out with BIG BAND HERO, a game that uses Pop Music Standards from her era on…  Could be cool.  Great Picture taken by, Tracie,  my sister and birther of our lead singer!

As if this isn’t cool enough?  This morning I dropped off the entire Beatles catalog in Mp3 format because my niece and nephew want to learn the Beatles songs…

9 thoughts on “Are You Ready to Rock?!

  1. Nice Photo.
    Missy, Dan, Craig and I will have to challenge you guys to a “battle of the rock bands”.
    You have seem to rock it more…we usally sit and play .

  2. COOL!
    All the generations rocking together!!!!!Beatles…can’t get any better than that to start the kids off ………..classic

  3. This is a great pic!!!Sounds like you all had a really fun night. We should get Sean to learn some Beatles songs maybe he can be Nick’s back up, he loves to sing too.

  4. I am having an RB party for all our cousins! We just need to pick a day that works for all. Gram was digging the drums.

    Sandy’s family plays too. (Although Sandy if you read, the only way we allow ROCKING to be a sit down sport is for,

    A.) people over 70… and

    B.)UNPLUGGED tunes. (on those tunes we also drop the house lights and bring in a spot light. HA!)) I am kidding as of this minute on this one, but don’t be surprised if we rig some lighting up at some point! (Jack, I think Jim could probably rewire my house to perform like a FLOYD light show from the 70’s!)

  5. Well Motley Crew(minus Gram) is taken so I’ll keep thinking of a name. It was awesome. I especially liked watching Nick singing You Say its Your Birthday and adding in a special tribute to his GDA for her birthday!! Thanks for a Rockin Night! Rock on brother!! Maybe this is your chance at a headshot!!

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