This one goes out to AY, JD, GO, BS, GW, KK, and most of all TM.  Just off the top of my head- those are some folks in my own career that came to mind.  I am sure I am forgetting some, because all too often, that’s what we do.  Life goes on, we feel “lucky” it wasn’t us… and we keep our nose to the grindstone.  We forget them and in the process we forget ourselves too.

Some of those folks that we dismiss, for whatever reason, sometimes really do have a window open when that door closes.  This fascinating short film is about some of them.  If you’ve got 35 minutes check it out.  If you are still at an agency, or something like it , I bet you don’t!  The admiration I have for these folks is more then i can say.

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3 thoughts on “Lemonade

  1. I love the Yoga chick. And the artist. I also know exactly the amount of tread Ad Agencies and professions like it can take off your tires. Skipping meals, unhealthy lifestyles. The cinematography in this film is outstanding, but if you are sitting in an ad agency, or something like it, look left, look right, and then look in the mirror, and I am sure what you see is no where near as healthy looking at these folks!

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