Wing Bowl 18

So I survived my first Wing Bowl!  Wing Bowl 18. Now before I even begin this blog, I want to offer a disclaimer!  I want to apologize to my feminist friends that think events like this exploit women,  I want to apologize to my healthy friends that think eating for sport is offensive, and while I am at I’d like to send out a general catch all apology to any and all that will be offended by Wing Bowl 18 in general, or my coverage of it specifically.  In return for that Mea Culpa?  I’ll ask you to TAKE IT DOWN A NOTCH!

Whatever label or labels people affix to the people that offend them at these events, keep in mind, these folks are having a BLAST.  They are not hurting anyone, other than themselves, and they have a great time that is over before most of us in the regular workforce have even finished our morning coffee.

That said?  Wing Bowl is an enigma, wrapped in testosterone, deep-fried in wing sauce, dripping with sex, stinking of projectile vomit, falsely shrouded in “sports” and always one beverage, bad look, bowel explosion, brawl or bikini malfunction away from disintegrating to total and utter chaos.

And I loved it!  Despite the bad rap, the chaos, and a million other reasons why I should not have enjoyed it, I did.

My day started at around 4:00 am.  I had no idea what to expect and less of an idea how to cover it.  I saw a Newspaper photog when I got there that I see at Phillies and Lingerie Football events from time to time.  He’s the kind of photographer that forgot more about news photography then I  know, or maybe will ever know.  I asked him, if he’d ever shot this event. He said, “yep!”  So as we were about to enter the THUNDERDOME that was the inner ice rink at the Wachovia… I asked, “What’s the game plan for this!?”

And he laughed and said…  “Just have Fun out there!”

Best advice ever!  In retrospect, WING BOWL is a RADIO event in every way.  There are 1000’s of people all over. Referees, Judges, On-Air Talent, Wingettes, Entourages, Security, More Security, Wing Servers, and general Hangers On out the wazoo.  SO, the access I am used too?  Wasn’t happening.  You just kind of do the best you can, wait for the moments to happen, and well,  have fun!

In the hours I was there, I was almost trampled by floats several times, almost punched by a “manager” that was irate that I asked him to get out of a wingette picture, (random guys at wing bowl like to jump in shots you are trying to take, only this guy did not consider himself random).  I almost got punched in an altercation that had nothing to do with me, I got flashed several dozen times and almost vomited on thrice.  In the process?  I was able to take three galleries of usable photos, one gallery of NOT USABLE– photos, and even had my own picture taken with Miss Wingette 2010. (Thanks C.J.) I felt terribly unprofessional doing that, but whatever  It’s Wing Bowl!

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PS.  The web site is getting record February traffic.

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  1. OHGosh!! I started looking thru your pics-and about THREW up myself!! Wasn’t prepared for that… NASTY!! That’s even more reason to listen to 97.5 The Fanatic! ha. =)

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