Snow Day

Well, actually it’s a Sunday.  Super Bowl Sunday.  But since the northeast is under two feet of snow, it seemed like a good day to do some sledding.  Al and Nick, (Brother-in-law, Nephew) decided to take me up on my suggestion of “Carriage Stop” as the “best” place for sledding in Berlin, NJ.  Now, being the “best” hill in Berlin, well, it’s kind of like being the tallest midget in the circus.  But anyway, if you are 5, it’s tall and fast and Nick really enjoyed it.  I enjoyed taking some “family-friendly” pictures after a day of debauchery at Wing Bowl 18.  Life is about balance…

Enjoy the Gallery

Good Job Nick!  These hills were too big for Jessica, but maybe tomorrow some little hills in my development.

3 thoughts on “Snow Day

  1. You know we have come full circle when Snow Day is, once again, about sledding with the family and not the drunkfest it was the previous 20 years!

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