The Cable TV Experiment Begins

A few months ago, after years of watching my bill go up and up, only to have me at home watching less and less, I felt like it was time to give Comcast a call.  A very helpful person listened to my story, listened to my usage, and recommended a much more affordable plan.  It was a “six month” offer.  As that offer came to a close this month, I felt it was time to look at it again.  Do I REALLY watch cable that much?!  How integral is that cable tv expenditure in these tough economic times.  Especially given the other options I have.  (Internet, DVD, Books, a very RAD new game system, PS3, fine, fine local tv programming like wphl!)

These questions hatched what I am calling The Comcast Experiment.  In a nutshell,  I broke off my two decade or so long relationship with Comcast Cable.  We parted friends, decided to keep in touch, and I fully expect a booty call from their sales folks, sooner than later.  That’s their sales culture right now…”YOU’LL BE BACK!”
For the most part, I think I agree with them that I will be back.  For sure.  If not Comcast, something like it.  But, just the same, I am going to see how long I can live without cable TV in my home.  Place your bets folks.  The consensus is I don’t make the month, but a few have suggested I will discover other things and never look back.  The truth, I am sure, is in the middle.

UPDATE: 3/1/2012

I have INDEED not looked back!  I am a customer of both Netflix and Hulu Plus, although the latter is in some trouble as it’s pricey for what I feel I get.  I have not read more, because I still have all the TV i can handle.  I have re-discovered shows on Netflix that I can watch beginning to end again,  (Twin Peaks was the best 10 years later!), and caught up on newer shows I missed– Arrested Development, Star Trek, Spartacus, 30 Rock to name a few.  (Granted with the CURRENT shows, Netflix is very delayed and it’s rare you get stuff from the current season or even one back).  Netflix also has amazing documentaries…

So, we’ll see how much longer I take it…

UPDATE: 4/18/2016

What the hell is cable?! HBO Go, Hulu Plus, Netflix— I will never be a comcast person again.