Some Birthday Pics

I am way behind on my blogs!  Work has been way too busy, but soon I will update on some very cool things I have done in the last few months including; Baseball 101, Phillies ALS, Lingerie Football Tryouts, The Reilly Wedding, a new Phils commercial that has made me the laughing stock of my friends and a way out adventure called Steampunk World’s Fair.  Check back! For now, please enjoy a few of my favorite pictures from my impromptu birthday celebration!

My favorite part of the day was the game that Carlee and Nick were playing.  They were making pretend TV commercials.  I know I speak for the entire Creative Services Department when I say we hope they one day will aspire to different work than local TV!  When I was a kid there was a thing called SCARED STRAIGHT where they took kids that were pre-teens and at risk to jail.  The inmates would then scream them into tears– the thinking was it would save them from a life of crime.  Maybe I will bring them both to my department soon!  I also enjoyed finding my Dad at my neighbor’s house with my wings/cake (I told my neighbor not to buy the exact car as me) and letting the kids graffiti my basement walls.  I hope they do it at home next…



8 thoughts on “Some Birthday Pics

  1. Sean had such a great time he asked to come back today!!( I also gathered up any loose crayons I saw today just in case) Happy Birthday!

  2. How cute…I want some of the cousin shots…Reminds me of the old days…when the girls thought you were “foxy”(only knew from reading their notes to you)…now 40!!! Happy Birthday ….Nick is posing for his commercial I can tell…

  3. Tony – These are precious!! Especially the one of Tracie. Very very cute! Still waiting to hear about the old skool partaay!!!

  4. Happy Birthday!
    Sorry this is late and sorry we did not make it to the party. I haven’t been on the computer for about 2 weeks or more……we are doing some painting and a lot of wall paper removal Yuck! Wish I had known it would have been a welcome break to say the least!
    Again, Happy Birthday… You will love your 40’s , they are so much better than the 30’s.

  5. @juliana They do look happy? I have no idea why…

    @sandy Wish we could have given more notice! It was total last minute…

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