A Sort of Homecoming

Timing is everything in life.  And my life long Berlin buddy Jeff Butler could not have picked a better night to come to NJ for the night.   I wrote someone recently about getting back to the simple things in life.   Overworked?  Overstressed?  Get back to the simple and everything  just falls into place.  Like last night.  What started as a simple wing night evolved into one of the best parties at my house since the all time best get togther at my house in 2006.  (2006 Pics Here.)  Didn’t plan it, had a bag or two of chips, a twelve pack, and some really good friends.   Many of the same cast of characters of the all timer.  My work to life to health balance has been abysmal that last few years.  150 mile commutes.  Long Hours.  Weekends.  Nights.  I am going to get back that balance.  I love my work  and I love my peeps.  Gotta balance the two a little better if I am ever going to top 2006.  And I am going to top 2006.  These are some of the people that are going to remind me…

One thought on “A Sort of Homecoming

  1. Tony, you and your friends look like true douchebags……especially the r-tard with the big teeth, wearing a shirt with the statue of liberty’s arm on it, and trying to smoke a dvd. Immature fools, the whole lot of you.

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