South Jersey Family Breaks Record for Kid Pee in Pool!

Does that make me a bad person that when I see 10 plus kids under 10 in a swimming pool, the first thing I think of is kid pee?!  Well, either way I had a great time with my family on 4th of July this year.  Lots of daredevil behavior, lots of splashes, a few adult beverages and I took lots of pictures.  (I practice on my family and friends so I am ready when duty calls.)

Earlier in the day I caught the back half of the 4th of July Parade in Berlin.  Not my first, not my last.  Sadly, I had too much going on this year to shoot the Berlin Fireworks like I do in other years.  That’s always great practice and it’s hard to get that right, especially with only on night a year or so to practice!  Anyway, here’s some photos...  (These are password protected since it’s other people’s kids and stuff… the password is…. my sister’s first name.  Spelling Counts. all lower case.)


Like Andy Reid says…

“Time’s urine…”